Level up your security incident reporting compliance

Are you still juggling paperwork to keep your compliance record intact? Paper-based security compliance, staff records, incident reporting and backend administration may seem a little overwhelming when you run a dynamic business. That’s why we have partnered with an innovative software provider in Melbourne to help you navigate the maze of security compliance and security incident reporting.

You can say goodbye to paper-based reporting and elevate your backend operation to its best, thanks to our innovative cloud-based software solutions. 

As we continue to perform almost everything digitally, your business cannot afford to fall behind the rapid pace of the regulatory and compliance requirements. Our bespoke solutions are designed to help you monitor your security guards’ performance while enabling you to keep on top of documentation. Thanks to our intelligent system, compliance records and other documentation can be sorted electronically and retrieved in seconds.

All in one incident register

With our web application, a security guard can instantly log and report any security breach to the control room with a few taps on a mobile screen. The web-based system allows security guards to record all details of the incident they have witnessed and comply with their legislative requirements.

The submitted report is printer-friendly, too. So, if you still have not switched to being entirely digital, you can print and sort the paper reports according to your existing filing system. The best part is that the data from these reports allows you to produce further analysis of your operation. That’s next-level compliance.
Stay on top of your legislative compliance
Improved productivity for your organisation
Instil compliance obligation to all members of staff
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