Security Patrols Melbourne

Uniformed security patrol officers in marked security vehicles can stop an incident attempt in its tracks or through their randomised appearance provide a physical and visible deterrent. Our mobile patrol officers provide the highest level of experience in identifying not only obvious potential risk but new and developing signs of threat that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye, increasing safety and reducing the likelihood of a security breach.

Our mobile patrol teams use the latest technology to maximise the effectiveness of the rounds we do in and around your site. In addition, the technology used by our mobile services provide the ability to track and report the performance of our staff.

Our teams are professionally trained and have a helpful and friendly attitude to deal with any situation calmly and professionally.

security patrols melbourne

Security Patrols Melbourne

Benefits of mobile patrol

The advantages of using our mobile patrol services:

Our mobile patrol officers operate within planned patrol routes, carried out continually and randomly so intruders never know what's around the corner.

Intruders aren't the only thing security patrols officers look out for. Fires, floods and many other threats can all be identified by our mobile officers, it's all in-hand to minimise the impact on your business.

For extra peace of mind for you and our team, our mobile patrol vehicles are fitted with a satellite tracking system.

Intelligent reporting and increased data help to identify emerging patterns and potential threats to continuously improve your security via people, technology and knowledge.

Three simple steps to get mobile security patrols started

security services melbourne
Request a free security risk assessment to establish where mobile patrols may benefit your business.
security guards
Have a call with one of our security experts to discuss your requirements and arrange a visit.

security patrol services Melbourne
Decide on the specifics, sign up for one of our security contracts and the services can commence.

Security Patrols Melbourne

Security Patrols Melbourne
Home security patrol melbourne
Mobile Security Patrol Melbourne
Security Patrols Melbourne
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