Protective Gear Every Mobile Security Patrol Should Have

security patrol Protective Gear Melbourne
Mobile security patrol is a team of trained security personnel who move around your premises to ensure order and report any suspicious behaviour.
Mobile security patrol is prompt to respond to alarms and dispatches from several alarm monitoring stations.

All security companies aspire for a common goal – to deliver the best security service to their clients. Nevertheless, a mobile security patrol with incomplete protective gear risk standing in harm's way.

Here is the list of protective gear every mobile security patrol should have:

Tactical Flashlight:

Tactical flashlights were initially designed to be used with firearms for low-light shooting. What makes this flashlight unique from the traditional flashlight is that it is designed to be used in tactical situations, such as temporarily blind an assailant or a suspect.

Body Cam:

This is a small video recording device worn on a person's clothing. It is typically used by police or a mobile security patrol officer to record arrests evidence from crime scenes.
melbourne security patrol body cam
Patrol guard with flashlight

Tactical Belt:

Wearing a tactical belt will allow the mobile patrol officer to carry all the gear efficiently without leaving any item behind.

Tactical Boots:

Tactical boots are essential for every patrol officer to make them stay fit and comfortable. The tactical boots will help them prepare for whatever comes, e.g. if they have to pursue a criminal on foot. The tactical boots are suitable for multiple terrains.

Two-Way Radio:

Every mobile patrol officer is expected to carry a two-way radio. This radio comes in handy because it allows accessible communication with colleagues or seeking assistance from the control room whenever the patrol officer feels overwhelmed and needs backup.
At Watch Corp Security Melbourne, we employ state-of-the-art gear to make sure we protect your premises. Our mobile patrol officers have undergone rigorous security training, and they are always ready to respond to threats and deter crime on your property.