How To Protect Your Construction Site

Construction Site Security Melbourne
Due to the pandemic, crime rates dropped slightly as many businesses were forced to close. However, the construction industry is still at the forefront of rising crime despite the decrease in the general crime rate. Theft and vandalism have been severe issues for construction, costing the industry millions of dollars a year in financial damages along with delays and inefficiency.
Raw materials, machinery and expensive tools on-site are the most susceptible to theft. Despite the hazardous and unpredictable conditions, the construction industry can protect itself in many ways. Hiring a security company to protect your construction and building sites is one of the best solutions. Construction site security guards can ensure unauthorised people don't enter the construction site, evaluate security threats, cease them before occurring and prevent damaging or vandalising any equipment from the construction sites. 

Manned Security Guards Melbourne at Your Construction Sites:

Construction security guard melbourne
Security guards are professionally trained to make real-time threat assessments and act accordingly to protect against theft or vandalism. The guards' presence provides a multitude of benefits at construction sites. Besides being a visual deterrent to crime, guards offer protection from unwanted visitors around the property.
A security guard helps update and maintain visitor and goods logs, protecting the site from internal theft. Furthermore, a guard's presence and skilful de-escalation of threats can provide consciousness of security and assurance to customers and staff working at the construction site. Monitoring CCTV and rapid response can provide complete and comprehensive protection leading to higher productivity and safety.

Mobile Security Patrols:

Security patroling at construction site
Securing the outer perimeter of construction sites is equally as crucial as having security. Mobile patrolling provides robust coverage of the site's surroundings where threats may emerge from and acts as a proactive measure to counter trespass or any unlawful activity.
Most acts of vandalism are perpetrated outside the premises, which mobile security can monitor to safeguard against unlawful activities and maintain a safer environment throughout construction projects.
At Watchcorp security, our highly trained security guards Melbourne and mobile patrol Melbourne provide a dynamic security coverage to secure and protect construction sites from all arising theft and threats.